4.36 PM (Casuarinas)


David Keeling  (b.1951)
oil on canvas
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Gift of the Friends of Hamilton Art Gallery to celebrate the 50th anniversary
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Australian Paintings
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David Keeling consistently paints a number of themes; some works are interiors, some are surrealistic sculptural type objects and others - usually with an environmental overtone - are naturalistic representations of landscape and its features.   This painting 4.36 pm belongs to this latter group with the Casuarina being the singular feature in its 'landscape'. The painters unusual viewpoint, looking into the canopy of the tree, leaves little doubt that there is a stem touching the ground below and simultaneously suggests a presence of one tree among many. The landscape is actually created in the viewers imagination. This original viewpoint is not the only suggestive element in the work. The late afternoon light suggests a forlornness and a loneliness prompting the thought that perhaps this is the last tree of its kind standing against an aggressive and environmentally unsympathetic world.   Concurrently one is also left with a sense of the dignity of this tree contending with its environment and surviving against the odds. It can also symbolise natures determination to persist in contrast to human kinds apparent neglect for the environment.   David Keeling was born in Launceston, trained in Melbourne, Hobart and Sydney and lives in Tasmania. He describes himself as a landscape painter and won the Glover Prize for landscape painting in 2006. He has exhibited nationally and internationally and is held in major public and private collections in Australia and overseas.


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