ACO Virtual

ACO Virtual - play with the band

4 March - 9 April 2017

The cutting-edge audio-visual installation ACO VIRTUAL puts you in the middle of Australian Chamber Orchestra's performance. Projections of thirteen musicians surround you on all sides, with the sound of each individual player coming from the direction of their projection. The effect is like standing in the middle of the orchestra during a concert.
Immerse yourself in performances of Bach, Grieg, Smalley and Piazzolla or take charge of the band via a controller inside the installation.
This interactive installation is a performance, an artwork, a new musical experience and a cutting-edge technological display. It will delight and intrigue audiences of all ages.

Don't miss ACO Collective when they travel to Hamilton to perform 'Death & the Maiden on Wednesday 21 June, 7:30pm.
More information can be found on Hamilton Performing Arts Centres website.


Southern Grampians Shire Council

State Government of Victoria