The Many Storey Treehouse

Photos courtesy of Southeby's Australia

The Friends of Hamilton Gallery Valuation Day

Saturday 1st July 2017, 10am-4pm

The Friends of Hamilton Gallery are delighted to welcome Guy Cairnduff, Head of Arts and Design for Sotheby's Australia.

You are invited to bring in decorative objects to be valued by an industry expert

  • • including silver, glass, porcelain, Australiana, historical items, ornamental bronzes, enamels, mirrors, clocks, vases,
  • • small easy-to-carry pieces of furniture only.

Guy is also willing to look at paintings and jewellery but would refer you to his colleagues who are specialists in these departments.

$20 entry fee for each item entered. A maximum of 3 items per person. Cash and cheques only

Susie Mackinnon 0419 838896
Jane Macdonald 0417 055376


Southern Grampians Shire Council

State Government of Victoria