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Keith Looby

Aboriginal Family
49.6 x 65.7 cm etching

Tim Storrier

Approach II
152.3 x 243.8 cm Framed: 154 x 245.4 cm acrylic on canvas

David Rankin

Box in the Scrub

Victor Majzner

56.6 x 87.8 cm aquatint

William T. Wiley

Down The Line With Old Sir Rot
26.9 x 37.3 cm etching

Francis Bacon

Figure and washbasin

Keith Looby

First Life
49.6 x 65.8 cm etching

Keith Looby

49.6 x 75.8 cm etching

Fred Cress

51.3 x 68 cm aquatint

Barbara Brash

Haunt Of The Megapode I
68.6 x 43.5 cm photo screenprint