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HG Holiday Workshops Barking Spider

HG Holidays: Friends, Passion & Commitment (presented by Barking Spider)

A once-in-a-lifetime out-of-the-box kids experience!


These school holidays give the kids a life-changing experience beyond what they can experience in a traditional classroom! 

                 Tue 19th 1-2pm – Ages 5-12 

                 Tue 19th 3 -4pm  – Ages 2-4 

                 Wed 20th 11am-12pm – Ages 2-4 

                 Wed 20th 1-2pm – Ages 5-12 

Workshops are $35 per child and booking is essential.

Click the link below to grab tickets or contact our team if you need assistance.


Hamilton Gallery has invited Barking Spider Creative to creatively interpret the Friends of the Gallery’s 50th-anniversary exhibition, Passion & Commitment into two locally focused bespoke workshops for kids! 

In these workshops, children will enter the gallery to discover a series of parcels containing objects related to the exhibition. In small groups of 2-3, children will explore a particular parcel and conduct an almost archaeological investigation and exploration of the objects contained within. Their aim is to uncover who the character may have been that left the objects behind. 

After this, the kids embody the character and interact with other characters in a series of theatre improvisations exploring themes of friends, the self, passion & commitment. This is dedicated time for children to experience wonder, grow confidence, and feel a sense of belonging since the workshops are created specifically for our region in response to the surrounding exhibition.  

Workshops are highly engaging and entertaining with the experience curated for two different age groups across four sessions in the September 2023 school holidays. 

We ask parents and guardians to be involved in the age 2-4 sessions. For primary school-aged kids aged 5-12 parents can let them enjoy the experience independently and enjoy a complimentary tea or coffee or explore our current exhibitions. However – we ask that you stay or return to view the performance in the final 10 minutes of the older kids’ workshop! 

a series of enriching & self-expressive art-meets-theatre workshops!

About Barking Spider Creative

In one word – Story.
Barking Spider is all about Story.

Their job is to enable the sharing and telling of stories – and to create the platforms for their telling. Stories can come from communities, from individuals, from the young and from the old. Stories can also be shared from beyond the grave – through objects, sites, geography and through collections & histories.

Barking Spider Visual Theatre creatively and theatrically interprets sites, stories, objects and collections.

Barking Spider Visual Theatre began in 2006, as a Melbourne-based multi-art form company. Now based in Colac Otway Shire, the company is developing and creating stories with art forms such as puppetry, percussion, art-installation, animation/film, sound installation and live performance. 

In this one-off collaboration with Hamilton Gallery, the extraordinary experiences created for young visitors are inspired by the stories inherent in our current exhibition, which celebrates 50 years of the Friends of Hamilton Gallery.

“Barking Spider transform the ordinary into the extraordinary, 

inspiring awe, joy and wonder with meaningful beauty.” 

 – Artistic Director, Penelope Bartlau