Hamilton Gallery

Obscure: Our Curiosities Unveiled

Saturday 5 March to Sunday 7 August.

Exhibition entry is free, with the Gallery open 7 days.


obscure: our curiosities unveiled

Peek behind the veil, explore the unseen and discover the oddities of the Hamilton Gallery collection.

We have hunted through the depths of our collection stores to find and present these unique objects in a variety of interesting ways.

From carved figurines that were buried with ancient Egyptians to act as helpers in the afterlife, to cheeky works on paper, rare medical books and quirky handicrafts. We have unearthed hidden treasures and their fascinating stories to fill you with wonder.

Whether you deem an artwork ‘good’ or ‘bad’, whether it speaks to you, moves you, whether you prefer the old or the new, the chic or the bleak, the story behind the work or the artist; it is entirely personal. That is the beauty of art – it is subjective, but it is for everyone.

These unusual works are unquestionably fascinating, unquestionably intriguing, unquestionably obscure. Explore these curiosities, discover their stories and celebrate the uniqueness of the Hamilton Gallery collection.


Friday 18 February 


Saturday 19 February 


Saturday 26 March


Sunday 27 March


Marvellous Historic Medicine!

Sat 9 April / 11am

Drawing on medical advice from a fascinating book in this exhibition, Doctor Harrison will teach us all about Victorian medicine and why he might prescribe you a ‘change of air’ for the condition of pulmonary consumption. Was the cure worse than the disease and how did native plants help?

Suitable for all ages. Free event. Booking essential.

Doctor Harrison HG
HG60 Publication Layout Visual

HG:60 Publication

This extraordinary coffee table book reveals insights into the gallery’s rich history through a selection of unique objects. 

The nine academics, curators and scholars who contributed to the HG:60 publication and exhibition reveal fascinating insights on their particular focus area, bringing their fresh perspectives and fascinating learnings to the fore.