Hamilton Gallery

Graeme Tresidder
Permanent marker, pencil, biro, charcoal and graphite


8 May – 4 August 2013

Four local artists have come together to showcase their work in an exhibition at Hamilton Gallery from the 8th May until the 4th of August. The exhibition, entitled Hamilton Connection III, features four very different approaches to art making with paintings by Angus Christie and Ron Penrose, drawings by Graeme Tresidder and sculpture by Trevor Flinn.

The exhibition Hamilton Connection III is a marvellous opportunity for the public to experience the creativity and talents of four local artists – Angus Christie and Graeme Tresidder of Hamilton, Trevor Flinn of Dunkeld and Ron Penrose of Harrow. Selected works will be available for purchase. The exhibition will be on display at Hamilton Gallery from the 8th May till the 4th of August.