Kathryn Ryan

Kathryn Ryan

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    Kathryn Ryan's practice invites us on a personal journey to connect with nature and within. Moody, atmospheric oil paintings of South West Victoria, reveal her very deep intimacy with place. They convey a level of depth and luminosity achieved by patiently developing meticulous layers of glazing over many months.

    Her works delve into those states of the 'in between', exploring co-existing opposites, revealing what is tangible and intangible by sensitively navigating what to reveal and conceal.

    In her most recent works, the intricate and detailed beauty of micro views from the natural world are explored in depth with layered, tonal and observational charcoal works. These works allude to the extraordinary beauty in nature, the intimate details, and invite us to look within and at our surroundings, where we may find moments of awareness of both our place in the world, our connections to nature and a spiritual or emotionally calm place.

    In both her charcoals and oil paintings, we see the juxtapositions of strength and fragility, the intimate and the distant, the fleeting and the solid, played out through her treatment of shadow and light, which is simultaneously bold and subtle, precise and ambiguous.

    After several decades based in Melbourne and having spent a number of years living in the UAE, in recent years Ryan returned to her South-West Victorian farm roots and is now based in Warrnambool.

    Having consistently exhibited for over 25 years, with leading Galleries in Melbourne and Sydney, her work has also been acquired for significant public collections including Parliament House Collection, Canberra; RACV Collection; The Macquarie Group Collection; Artbank; Warrnambool Art Gallery; Hamilton Gallery; Grafton Regional Art Gallery; Deakin University; Australian Catholic University; M Collection and Private Collections in Australia and Internationally.

    Kathryn has been a Finalist multiple times in major Australian Art Prizes including: Wynne Prize for Landscape AGNSW, Salon des Refuses, Wynne Prize, SH Ervin Gallery, Paul Guest Drawing Prize, Bendigo Art Gallery, Geelong Contemporary Art Prize, The John Leslie Art Prize for Landscape, Gippsland Art Gallery, Tattersall's Club Art Prize for Landscape, Fleuireu Art Prize, The Kings School Art Prize

  • Awards

    The Wynne Prize AGNSW : Finalist 2007, 2004, 2000

    Salon des Refuses, Wynne : 2022, 2021, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2001, 1996, 1995

    Muswellbrook Art Prize NSW: Finalist 2022

    Ravenswood Australian Women's Art Prize, Sydney: Finalist 2021

    Lyn McCrea Memorial Drawing Prize ,Noosa Regional Gallery : 2019, 2018

    Paul Guest Drawing Prize, Bendigo Art Gallery, : Finalist 2022, 2016

    Geelong Contemporary Art Prize: Finalist 2012

    John Leslie Art Prize for Landscape: Finalist 2018, 2012

    Fleurieu Art Prize: Finalist 2011

    Tattersall’s Club Art Prize for Landscape: Finalist :2019, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2011

    The Kings School Art Prize , Sydney: Finalist 2019, 2017 (Boys Choice Award 2019 )

    The Alice Prize: Finalist 2001, 1999, 1998, 1997

    The Hutchins Art Prize: Finalist 2001, 1999, 1998, 1997

    Conrad Jupiter Art Prize: Finalist 1997, 1996

    Jacaranda Acquisitive Drawing Award: Finalist 1998, ACQUIRED 1996

    Swan Hill National Print & Drawing Award: Finalist 2000, 1992

    Nillumbuk Art Award: Finalist 1995

    Artworkz/BP Art Award: Finalist 1992, 1991, 1990 ACQUIRED

    Diamond Valley Art Award : Finalist 1990, 1989, 1988

    2011: Art Book : New Romantics, Darkness and Light in Australian Art, Simon Gregg, Australian Scholarly Publishing, pp 8,10, 136-141, 145, 151, 230

    2010: Inspiring Alumni Inductee, Emmanuel College Warrnambool

  • Exhibitions

    Solo Exhibitions:

    2023: STILL POINT, Nanda hobbs Gallery, Sydney Sept 28 - Oct 14

    2022-2023: HERE AND NOW, Hamilton Gallery VIC

    2022: Small Works, Presented by Arts Eleven at Mario's Melbourne

    2022: A Sense of Place, RACV Club Melbourne

    2022: Rapture, Charcoals, The F Project Gallery, Warrnambool

    2020: Views from the West: Kathryn Ryan & Harley Manifold, The F Project Gallery Warrnambool

    2020 : Landscapes of Time & Memory , Flinders Lane Gallery, Melbourne

    2019 : The Way Home, Nanda Hobbs, Sydney

    2018: South West Coast, Flinders Lane Gallery , Melbourne

    2017 : Shifting Light, Olsen Gallery, Sydney

    2016 : New Works , Olsen Irwin Works on Paper , Sydney

    2016 : New Works, Flinders Lane Gallery, Melbourne

    2015 : New Works, Olsen Irwin Works on Paper Gallery, Sydney

    2015 : A Quiet Place, Paintings & Drawings 1995-2015 Warrnambool Art Gallery

    2013: Shadow & Light, Flinders Lane Gallery Melbourne

    2012 : New Paintings, Tim Olsen Gallery , Sydney

    2011 : Winter Landscapes, Flinders Lane Gallery, Melbourne

    2010: New Paintings, Tim Olsen Gallery, Sydney

    2009: New Paintings, Flinders Lane Gallery, Melbourne

    2008: Recent Paintings, Tim Olsen Gallery, Sydney

    2007: The Pines, Flinders Lane Gallery, Melbourne

    2005: The South West, Flinders Lane Gallery, Melbourne

    2003: Panmure Paddocks, Flinders Lane Gallery, Melbourne

    2001: A Quiet Place, Flinders Lane Gallery, Melbourne

    1999: Works on Paper, The Continental, Melbourne

    1996: Paintings, Dianne Tanzer Gallery, Melbourne

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Kathryn Ryan

Time Passing
137 x 183 cm oil on linen