Hamilton Gallery


Wednesday afternoons 4pm-5pm during Term 1, Hamilton Gallery.

Let’s PLAY in the gallery.

Hosted by local artist Madi Whyte, children and families can enjoy a suite of accessible free art activities and workshops designed to engage and inspire curiosity and creativity.

Workshops are free but spaces are limited so booking is essential via the buttons below. Contact our team or pop into the gallery if you need assistance booking. 


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Alt Text: Assorted leaves are scattered on top of a black background with the PLAY logo on top.

Wednesday 8th February 2023, 4pm-5pm.

In this activity, young artists will use artistic materials to transform natural materials into fantastical and creative friends. This workshop will encourage young folk to think about our natural world, re-using, recyling and sustainability.

Hamilton Gallery will provide young artists with nature-based treasures such as leaves, or you are welcome to collect some from home to bring to class. 


Alt Text: Cut out magazine pieces are arranged on top of a book with the PLAY logo on top.

Wednesday 15th February, 4pm-5pm

In this activity kids will use magazines, quirky printed paper facial elements and tactile paper cut-outs to make a stylised self-portrait or a portrait of a loved one.

Pre-cut objects will be available for little hands, and Hamilton Gallery will provide everything you need.

Alt Text: Australian native foliage is arranged in a bouquet set behind the PLAY logo.

Wednesday 22nd February, 4pm-5pm

Create wall hangings that merge textiles and nature to produce unique and exciting artworks that your little one can proudly hang on your wall at home!

In this weaving workshop, kids will use cardboard, string and foliage to practice weaving techniques that challenge them, introducing little hands to new and unusual artistic techniques.

Alt Text: Children’s hand rolling clay pieces on a blue table set behind the PLAY logo.

Wednesday 1st March, 4pm-5pm

This intuitive and open clay workshop encourages playful process as children are encouraged to explore the tactile and malleable nature of the medium rather than focusing on an outcome.

No expectations of an artistic outcome encourage process as artwork in this sociable and creative activity that will excite abstract thinking in our littlest artists.

Alt Text: Madi Whyte’s sculpture is set behind the PLAY logo.

Wednesday 8th March, 4pm-5pm

Inspired by local artist Madi Whyte, this engaging kids activity invite young artists to use age-safe materials to create take-home sculptures exploring line and form.

Alt Text: Children’s printmaking materials set behind the PLAY logo.

Wednesday 15th March, 4pm-5pm

Using carboard, kids will cut out shapes and create their own unique printing plates.

Younger children will have access to texture plates so they can join in the fun without scissor whilst the group learn about mono printing and transferable art techniques.

Please pack a smock or old shirt to cover your little one’s clothes.

Alt Text: A platypus swims set behind the PLAY logo.

Wednesday 22nd March, 4pm-5pm

Incorporating pre-cut wooden animals shapes and crafty materials, kids will produce a wall-hanging artwork that explores design principles whilst having fun decorating familiar and lovable Australian animals.

These easily recognisable animals promote socialisation, discussion of the environment and curiousty about our natural world

Alt Text: Tory Emery’s artwork is set behind the PLAY logo.

Wednesday 29th March, 4pm-5pm

Inspired by Tory Emery’s iconic sculptural artwork, children will create their own sculptural forms wrapped carefully in wool, twine and other tactile rope material that encourage textured art-making.

Alt Text: Pet Rocks are set behind the PLAY logo.

Wednesday 5th April, 4pm-5pm

What would your humble rock transform into? Does your rock pal live in a tree? Does it crawl on its belly?

It’s up to our young artists to ignite their creative and transform a pebble into a friend (or fiend) using a range of art materials on offer at the gallery.



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