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Paul Sandby

A Gypsy Lady Telling Fortunes
20.8 x 15.8cm etching

Lionel Lindsay

A Rajah's Palace, Benares
28.5 x 36cm etching

Paul Sandby

A Stand Of Tall Trees
17.5 x 23cm etching

Lionel Lindsay

A Temple Entry, Madura
32.5 x 27cm etching

David Hockney

According To Ancient Prescription

Paul Sandby

After Wouvermanns - The Pistol Shot
18.4 x 23.4cm etching

Paul Sandby

Allegory Of Poetry (pastoral Idyll)
30.5 x 21.3cm etching

Benedetto Boschi

An Imaginary Landscape
19.6 x 28.1cm etching

Nancy Malseed

Bird Trip
45.7 x 30.4cm etching

Alun Leach-Jones

Blackline Structure
56.5 x 44.9cm etching