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Mary Cecil Allen

A Study (Portrait Of Miss Biddy Allen)
107 x 78.6cm Framed: 114.8 x 87cm oil on canvas

Hugh Barron

Boy in green with bird's nest
124.5 x 99cm Framed: 144.1 x 120cm oil on canvas

Donald Laycock

136.8 x 182cm Framed: 14.08 x 15.6cm oil on canvas

Nora Heysen

97.4 x 60.2cm Framed: 116.4 x 79cm oil on canvas

Annibale Carracci

Montalto Madonna
33 x 29.2cm Framed: 49.4 x 44.6cm oil on canvas

James Quinn

Mrs H.B (May) Shaw
oil on canvas

Nicholas Chevalier

Mt Abrupt, the Grampians
46 x 46cm Framed: 61cm oil on canvas

Tony Woods

Now a Legend
150 x 120cm oil on canvas

Rupert Bunny

Old Peach Orchard, Cassis
48.4 x 58.7cm Framed: 66 x 76.3cm oil on canvas

John King

Portrait of John Johns
70.5 x 55.5cm Framed: 85.2 x 70.4cm oil on canvas